Free Workshop Radio and Print Advertising

Incorporating traditional media like radio and print into your marketing plan will help you spread your message and your brand the a broad audience full of potential customers - and it's easy to do! With Every Door Direct Mail you can easily target specific neighborhoods and zip codes without the hassle of developing an expensive mailing list. Get your message into the hands of your customers with timely content that will fulfill their wants or needs  - the difference between "junk mail" and "just what I needed mail"! Broadcast mediums such as radio are a great way to reach a large audience at a lower cost. Well developed radio copy can play to a listeners emotions and build a positive association with your brand in their minds. Radio allows you to keep your name out there for a longer period of time and have a higher frequency of impressions. Production is free and turn around time is quick so it's easy to get your message on the air waves quickly and to update or change your commercial as needed! Both radio and print allow you to provide important content to your potential customers close to the point of purchase! 

  • Radio is free and mobile 
  • 92% of people 18+ are reached by radio each week 
  • Radio gives advertisers the opportunity to play on the consumers emotions and connect with the consumers needs or wants. 
  • Radio is targetable - can easily target the right demographic and change up messages depending on format 
  • Production is Free!
  • More affordable than other mass mediums - allowing you to reach more potential customers multiple times. 
  • Share some success stories - long term customers who started out with a small investment and saw their business grow. 

Did you know that you don't need to have names or addresses to reach your potential clients in their homes? This is where Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) comes in. The EDDM program allows you to reach every address without the added cost of a pricey mailing list or postage permit. Postage is cheaper than traditional direct mail, allowing you to get your marketing message out to more people. When you add direct mail marketing to your digital marketing plan, you have an opportunity to influence your customers sense of touch, which leaves a stronger emotional mark. Get the most out of your campaign by tying in your marketing message so you deliver timely content - the key difference between "junk" mail and "just what I needed" mail. Plus there's no ad blocker, unsubscribe link or spam filter on the mailbox so you can be sure to cut through the noise. Plus it has lasting power -  48% of consumers keep direct mail promotional materials for future reference.  

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