How to Publish Your Book

Are you writing a book and wondering how to get it published? The choices seem almost infinite, but in this workshop, you will learn what the word "publishing" means and the most commonly used ways to get your book into the world.


From traditional publishing to independent publishing to hybrid publishing, you will learn why publishing is often a choice between money and time. You'll also learn when it's a great idea to publish through Amazon and when it's a better idea to seek publication elsewhere.


Planning now, even though your book may not be completed (or even started) can help you reach your audience in the best way.

Paula Diaco


 Write Stories Now

is a professional writer and book coach.

After more than 30 years of publishing her work in magazines, through an educational publisher, and as a blogger and content manager for her own companies, she now offers her expertise to people who want to publish their own content, from blog posts to books.


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