Workshop - How Your Local Business Can Win Against Internet Giants and Big Box Stores

This workshop will give you a five-step system to help you successfully grow your local business. If you ever worry or wonder how your local business will do with so much competition from the internet and big box stores, this workshop is for you. There are significant untapped strategies and lots of money left on the table for your local business if you are willing to create a brand people trust and love, go after more loyal, higher-paying customers, and want to make a bigger impact through your business. Many local business owners are unsure how to achieve these things. Instead, they struggle too much and work too hard for too long, think this is just how it has to be for a local business owner. It’s entirely possible to achieve a secure, profitable, and growing local business in the face of competition from internet giants without having to work your butt off and worry for your future. Come join us if you’d like to find out how. If you attend this workshop, you will: • Learn the two key strategic advantages your small business has that can stop Amazon - or any other internet giant - from ever taking business from you again. • Access five core profit-growth strategies plus over twenty action steps that you can start using right away to grow a secure and thriving local business. • Gain more time and energy to make a big and lasting impact on the people and communities you serve. You will also get a FREE copy of the eBook, Speed Profits: How Local Businesses Are Winning against the Giant Threat of Amazon. You will be given access to a FREE 40-minute Speed Profits strategy call to find out how to personally gain more profits from your business. Together, these are a $237 value, yours free for attending.

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Peoples Trust Company - Franklin Park West

For Questions, contact:
Jay Cummings - Business Development Officer/Marketing Manager, Peoples Trust Company 
jcummings at ptcvt dot com | 802-752-1848
NMLS #1165649

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