Workshop - How to Create an E-mail Campaign and Get REAL Results!

Have you ever sent an AMAZING marketing email and gotten almost no response?  One of those emails that a tiny fraction of your list opened, and maybe your Aunt Mildred clicked on? It’s OK, we’ve all been there - but don’t worry, this class is here to help. In this course, we will show you the top 5 strategies you can implement to make sure your emails get opened, read, and most importantly, clicked on. We will cover: The basic concepts about what makes people respond to emails. Strategies you can use to develop both ongoing email campaigns, as well as 1 time marketing messages. Tips for grouping your contacts to get the best engagement. “Tech” tricks to get into more inboxes, and stay out of that SPAM folder. How to make sense of your reports and statistics, including what numbers actually matter, and which you can disregard PLUS - We’ll be offering a giveaway that everyone can implement to improve their business that same day… but you’ll have to show up to find out what it is!! I can’t wait to share these powerful strategies to help you take your email marketing to the next level. Don't miss industry expert Alex Camelio CEO of Agent Inner Circle, a real estate agent community with over 50,000 members, Alex Camelio focuses on both the growth of the community as well as the products owned and managed by AIC. Prior to selling his company to Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Alex was the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Realty.  After graduating from Syracuse University in three years, with degrees in Political Philosophy and Legal Studies, he worked as the Director of Operations for a New York City based tech firm where part of his job was managing enterprise level data centers as well as the supply chain management system for Denso Wave corporation - the original inventor of the QR code.  Upon realizing the impending boom in mobile technology, Alex decided to form a company with the core goal of implementing end-to-end mobile marketing strategies focused on specific industries, with real estate as the primary focus.  Within the real estate community, Alex Camelio has been recognized internationally as an expert in technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship and has presented for groups including, the National Association of Realtors, the National Women’s Council of Realtors, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, the Vermont Realtors, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, and the North Carolina Association of Realtors, to name a few. As always, Alex is excited to share his expertise.

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Peoples Trust Company - Franklin Park West

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Jay Cummings - Business Development Officer/Marketing Manager, Peoples Trust Company 
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