Workshop - Alternate Staff Recruitment

Alternative methods in recruiting Employees

The current super low unemployment environment has made hiring new staff a daunting task. In this next seminar we'll introduce you to a new area of employment recruiting most employers are not familiar with, but some have struck gold!

Working Fields is a mission-based staffing agency that specializes in second chance hires predominately individuals in recovery from substance use addiction. Employers utilize our services for staffing needs with the knowledge that our Associates, while on assignment, are supported through Recovery Coaching and Account Management.

Our innovative model is based on the business model of a traditional staffing agency with the goal to achieve the following outcomes:

  • We work towards improving the lives of our Associates through Recovery Coaching
  • Employers can view us as a partner to resolve issues
  • We will provide Associates that are actively working their recovery meaning they are moving forward in their lives, not backwards.
  • We provide the opportunity for employers to provide second chances to those who have worked for it
  • Our successful Associates, those that have stayed with the Recovery Coaching, are loyal, dedicated and humble employees
  • Our Associates who are working a recovery plan are working towards the elimination of drama in their lives

Working Fields is currently operating and supporting Employers in Chittenden, Franklin, Washington, Addison and Rutland Counties.

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Peoples Trust Company - Franklin Park West

For Questions, contact:
Jay Cummings - Business Development Officer/Marketing Manager, Peoples Trust Company 
jcummings at ptcvt dot com | 802-752-1848
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