Workshop - QuickBooks Training

Invest 90 minutes with Industry Expert

Stephanie Mack of Account Mobility

Stephanie will teach you the best practices and strategies on how to lower overhead and increase workflow with QuickBooks Apps. Stephanie has advanced certification in QuickBooks and has been training others on Quick Books for 15 years.

Come hear from a pro!

Who should attend:

  • If you're looking to start with QuickBooks
  • If you're using QuickBooks and you'd like to learn more
  • If you're advanced in QuickBooks and are looking to find additional strategies and workflows to help your business
  • Need to hire a pro to do your books

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Peoples Trust Company - Franklin Park West

For Questions, contact:
Jay Cummings - Business Development Officer/Marketing Manager, Peoples Trust Company 
jcummings at ptcvt dot com | 802-752-1848
NMLS #1165649

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