Mortgage Rates

(As of 05/22/2024)

Rates are based on the most current available data and are subject to change.

Primary Residence (2nd Home and Investment)

Saleable Conventional Mortgages - Serviced by PTC.

For 2nd Home or Investment properties please contact a lender.

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Government Loans

(Primary Residence) Servicing Released

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VHFA, VT Housing Finance Agency

(Servicing Released)

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 Additional Programs and Rates available on VHFA Website (

Home Equity Lines of Credit

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Variable Rate Option rate is locked the preceding business day before loan closing date. Fixed Rate Option rate lock period is for 120 days. Generally, HELOC have no closing costs, unless an appraisal or subordination is required and total between $0.00 to $750.

²Variable Rate APR is Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Rate plus a current margin of -1.00%. WSJ index is 8.50% today with an initial 7.50% APR which is also the floor APR. Maximum APR is 6.00% above your initial APR, but not to exceed an APR of 18.00%. Future APR changes are subject to change on the first calendar day of each month.

Home Equity Loan

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Construction Financing

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Important Loan Information:
Interest rates and points are subject to change without notice, and may vary based on loan program, term, credit quality, loan amount, and property type. All loans are subject to credit approval. The Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) disclosed above assume a loan amount of $125,000, 25% down payment on the purchase of an owner occupied one unit dwelling and a credit score of at least 780 except for Investment properties are non-owner occupied. The APR does not include all the closing costs. Rate lock period quoted is for 60 days for all products except Home Equity Loans and VHFA is 90 days. Saleable conventional and government loans may have Servicing Released following the guidelines, pricing and fee structure of that investor. If an escrow account is required or requested, the actual monthly payment will be higher to include amounts for real estate taxes and insurance(s), if applicable. Loans with a Loan To Value, LTV, exceeding 80% will require Private Mortgage Insurance, PMI. ¹ $500 Loan Administration Fee Applies. ³ Meets HPML definition. 5 APR includes Nine month term with Interest Only Payments followed by a Modification to Home Equity Loan, 15 year term, fixed rate and final amount financed. 6 $500 Loan Administration Fee Applies. APR includes Nine month term with Interest Only Payments followed by Permanent Loan Terms: 30 Year at 6.375% as of 02/16/23.